Zeitgeist VC is a custom venture builder. We accelerate the growth of exceptional ideas into thriving businesses, by co-investing our expertise, time and money.

When we hear a brilliant idea, we get involved. As serial entrepreneurs and investors, we like to get our hands dirty and contribute a wealth of experience in building and funding new ventures. We work with founders and investors to nourish ideas to their full potential.

We commit to people and ideas which better the human condition and empower people to adapt the way they live, now. To foster a positive legacy, beyond financial success.

Zeitgeist VC invest with a #timeisnow approach.


Our approach: People. Places. Culture.

Zeitgeist or spirit of the time exists in the dynamic interplay of people, places and culture. These three key pillars define our approach. We believe that to be competitive and relevant in today’s marketplace a venture has to be in tune with the Zeitgeist.

There is nothing more profitable than an idea whose time has come. – Victor Hugo