Invest in your own legacy

Thinking and solving
problems of tomorrow

The Zeitgeist difference

We believe that for ideas to achieve tangible, sustainable growth, we have to bring together startup founders, industry experts and private investors.

People // Places // Culture

We define Zeitgeist as the dynamic interplay of People, Places and Culture. These are the three cardinal points that we always use to orient ourselves. They form the basis of every thing we do.

People create the future

People with ideas, people with vision, people with courage, people with talents & people with resources need to come together to accelerate the world into the future.

Places enable innovation

Places with the right ecosystem, with good infrastructure and access and navigable rules are the breeding grounds for innovation.

Culture fuels action

Cultures that encourage great ideas, cultures that inspire questions, cultures that celebrate the freethinkers, inventors and doers provide the fuel to the fires of change.

The basis of everything we do

Businesses need to get the proportions of these three fundamentals ingredients exactly right, in order to achieve sustainable growth and have a lasting impact on the progress of humankind.

More than a venture capital firm

Investment Club

Our investment club is a network of close friends, with whom we invest in startups that will redefine lifestyle categories. We offer co-investment, deal flows, portfolio business growth and an investor network.

Innovation Consultants

We partner with corporate and private investors. As innovation consultants, we share our expertise in IP acquisition, investment portfolio, sales and marketing, insights in industry trends and best practices.

Venture Capital

We co-invest in startups and ventures from pre-seed, seed and early stages that are redefining lifestyle as we know it. To date we have invested in over 24 ventures through LeAD through our investment office based in Bahamas.


As a part of our venture ecosystems, we also build accelerators. We plan to launch more acceleration programs in the near future. Besides acceleration, we also have short mentorship workshops for startups looking for support.

Venture Builder

Our venture builder program offers guidance, expertise, community, know-how and fundraising. We have expertise in business planning, leadership team recruitment, community building, branding and go-to-market, financial planning and more.


Our Club of ideas is a platform that brings together influential minds to capture the ideas that are shaping the future. Through events, podcasts and workshops, we offer a platform to the change-makers, risk-lovers, dreamers and thinkers.